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Maga Ripper is the Naked Girl Trying to Model of the Day

Where I come from, Rippers are what we call strippers, you know “going to the rippers to crack some cold ones with the boys”…I don’t travel much or interact with many people so I don’t know if that is a universal term of paying 10 dollars a song to grab onto titties I’ve never met before…

I do know that this Maga Ripper, who has some hotter version of Selena Gomez, you know the look Selena Gomez goes for, look…is named RIPPER, which is totally appropriate because she’s getting naked, only she’s doing the LONG GAME…the not getting naked for money for this shoot specifically, like a short sighted whore would do, she’s getting naked for free, in hopes of getting noticed, which will get her paid down the line through work or rich boyfriends that like girls who post slutty on instagram enough to buy them…

That is why she is the Naked girl trying to model of the Day

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