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Manon LeLoup Topless Model of the Day

I don’t know who the Manon LeLoup is, or who the fuck she thinks she is, I just know she’s naked for some shit called SCANDINAVIA and that’s good enough for me, you see I like tits, I like naked, I like it all….but what I like the fact that girls are always willing to get naked if you position it propoerly, or ofer enough money…meaning if a girl tells me “you’ll never see me naked you are a sick and creepy fuck”…all you have to do is hire a fashion photographer to email them saying he is working on a book, and that girl will get naked for him, hired by you, so essentially getting naked for you…then you can email her the pics and say “you just did”…so remember…if you want to get a girl naked, any girl, you can…now here’s Manon LeLoup nipple…because it is art…

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