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Marcie Kieskiewicz in a Hot Fashion Video for Nowness of the Day

The people at NOWNESS produced this interesting artsy fartsy video of some model getting syrup poured onto her naked body…which sold me on whatever they were doing..

Normally, I would have taken a shit on these kinds of things because they remind me of bullshit student films that attempt to be high concept but that miss the fucking mark…you know shot beautifully with irony or whatever…but the fact is when you present a script, a concept and pretend it’s for fashion or art, the quality girl getting naked in it – goes up substantially…It’s just a mind fuck…

So I don’t really find “fashion films” to be good, I like what they do to women, and I am not about to jerk off to this, but it’s nice to look at…but then again I don’t watch porn, or jerk off to porn, but I know I hate it. Not in a “I think it’s the fall of society kind of way”…but in a it bores the fuck out of me, the girls don’t impress me, the quality of the production is shady at best, and the fact is that it’s free on the internet so what the fuck do you expect..

I’m less a guy who jerks off to video and more the kind of guy who masturbates to memories of a better time…

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