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Maria Zakrzewska Pantyhose Fetish Model of the Day

Her name is Maria Zakrzewska and she is a pantyhose fetish model for you weirdos with a pantyhose fetish…including but not limited to me…because I remember being a 18 or 19 year old dude who had a girlfriend that got an office job where she had to wear skirts to work, and who would walk around the house in pantyhose, something I had never seen before because my mother died when I was a kid, that ended up turning into a rip a hole in them…or pull them off enough to stick my dick in her…so that I could cum all over them…as you’re supposed to..

I grew out of it with the advent of internet porn, sluts, empowered nudist feminist and I’ll never be able to go back to a time when pantyhose were so innocent hot and pure…those days are done…I mean nothing really excites me at that level these days, except maybe a nap….

BUT I do still like looking at pics of pantyhose models like Maria Zakrzewska…because not everyone can be a legit model or an instagram model, some bitches need to get paid to show pics of their feet to weirdos…or this….

Sure it’s for a Fashion magazine, but that’s just code for porn so that they secure ad deals… we’re onto you …

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