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Justin Beiber’s Baby Momma Self Shot Erotica of the Day

Some statutory rapist 20 year old is suing Justin Beiber for paternity tests cuz she apparently took his virginity a year ago…..and by appreantly I mean that’s her claim and she’s sticking to it…because look at all the publicity it gets a girl who prior to this was crying for attention like other internet users via topless self shot pics staged to show off “tattoos” when really set up to get compliments from their friends….

I mean I’m gonna call bullshit on this…partially cuz Bieber is gay, but also because anyone can sue anyone in America and if it ends in a settlement, she could be set for life….but more importantly, cuz I know if I was 17, popstar, this kind of dumpy looking bitch is likely the last thing I’d fuck under any circumstance…I’d save this shit for the losers who can’t get laid, while I stick my dick in models…

Who cares…Beiber gossip and the fact I am writing it makes me want to kill myself.

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