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Meg Dailey by Brian Keith for Stalker Magazine of the Day

Meg Dailey is another one of these not yet famous, but willing to put in the work, even if it’s just for a few instagram pics, models I love, because they are easy going enough to get naked for the right project, which is usually any project, whether they have massive tits like this Meg Dailey or not..because these is how models happen and I’m so glad that has become accepted fact, because tits aren’t a big deal,

This is a movement I’ve been a part of since day one….Nudity is not porn….even if it gets me kicked off Instagram 4 or 5 times, even if it gets me deleted off Friendster, Myspace, Facebook twice….

I’ve been an ambassador of nudity since day one…I have celebrated tits…in 2004 when I started, I could have easily made DrunkenStepfather a site that wasn’t called Drunkenstepfather, that wasn’t committed to the sleaze and nudity of our world…and I would probably be sitting on a yacht.

But I’m not in it for the yacht, I’m in it for the tits…there were times I would be arguing with advertisers when I cared saying “do you think your boss doesn’t jerk off or watch porn you hypocrite asshole”…now I’ve just accepted that they don’t want to give me money, but the world gives me something much greater than that…no, not recognition or fame, or even support from anyone…but rather girls like this lovely and delicate flower Meg Dailey ….and her tits.


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