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Melanie Iglesias for New York Post of the Day

There was a time this Melanie Iglesias was just some Youtube Glamour model…star. You know the kind of girl who was babe enough to be in Maxim during their dark years of using low level models…

In her spare time she would do videos like this:

You know, viral attempts where she would challenge Kate Upton and actual models at the time to dance offs, and millions of people would watch…along with other bullshit…

She would grind out with these “Flip Book” videos that would get millions of views also…

I forgot she existed, but I guess she’s turned things around for herself and is booking actual media – like the New York Post…

Unless the New York Post isn’t actual media, but still bigger than working as an escort….

Oh…I just googled her and she’s on some MTV show, so she’s a presenter now, I guess being a trick on social media pays off…

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Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos Try to Serve Kate Upton’s Bad Dancing of the Day

Melanie Iglesisas, who is a Youtube star, and much like Kate Upton, has been able to secure her own level of internet fame, cuz dudes like hot girls who get half naked for attention….only unlike Kate Upton, she’s more of a low level bottom feeder, who lands shows on MTV2 and spreads in Maxim…where as Kate Upon does high fashion, is a real model, and despite me finding her overrated, she’s still next level compared to this Melanie Trash….

Either way, they did a failed video attempt to school Kate Upton in bad dancing, or the Cat Daddy Dance even though Kate Upton’s bad dancing was done in a skimpy bikini, while these bitches just look like Cubano Cholos from South Beach about to get pregnant before high school grad…..

Boring – but 1,000,000 of her fans already watched it, I figured I might as well endorse a desperate cunt as hard as I generally like to fuck desperate cunts.

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Melanie Iglesias Christmas Half Naked Youtube Video of the Day

Melanie Iglesias proves that if you are a girl and you’re not fat…all you have to do is exploit yourself on a moderate level by being willing to get half naked on the internet and dance around for various themes, whether Halloween or Christmas, and 300,000 dudes will watch the shit…It takes no creativity, skill or pretty much anything but a decent body and bitch becomes internet famous….It’s almost a joke…but not as much of a joke as knowing hot girls who aren’t rich cuz they have morals and values and don’t realize this is like being on the beach filled with thousands of perverts….

Either way, she introduced some friends, danced around, I couldn’t jerk off to it, but I appreciate her hustle that is hardly a hustle…strippers who pretend are hardworking are hilarious, but so are nobodies who don’t get fully naked who get internet fame….easy.

I don’t even know what a flipbook is….but watch it anyway…Tis the fucking season…

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Melanie Iglesias Naughty Xmas Flip Book of the Day

So Melanie Iglesias, is some youtube sensation that may pretend to be something else, like an aspiring model, or an aspiring singer…but the truth is she’s a bitch who gets in her underwear or bikinis for youtube and millions watch in amazement cuz girls in underwear or bikinis are far better than men in lingerie….especially when bored at work with nothing else to look at….

She had a big Flipbook Video on Halloween.. and she’s doing another one this X-Mas…big production seems to be going into the shit that drops next week and I have no idea why I’m writing about this…but it is probably the same reason you’re asking yourself why you are putting it in your calendar to check out….

Girls in bikinis or underwear have that affect on us….

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