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Melina Dimarco is the Nude Model of the Day


Her name is Melina Dimarco. I’ve never heard of her, but she probably already knows that, which is why she’s doing nude shoots…or maybe she was lured and tricked into the nude shoots due to a drug and alcohol induced psychosis that will only end when she meets a Christian guy who hates that she’s topless on the internet, which will lead to her having her images taken down from all the sites that posted her on her quest to be famous…or maybe…she’s in law school or will be when she doesn’t make it, decides to use her legal knowledge to erase her past….but right now…right now..she’s topless, in men’s underwear like she shit herself at a dude’s house and had to wear a pair of his… showing tits….in some morning sun…all filtered and romantic…and boring…as fuck..

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