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Miss Teen Delaware Only Made 1500 Bucks Doing Porn of the Day

In hilarious news….Melissa King, the Miss Teen Delaware girl who did a porno to finance her Miss Teen USA International Contest…and who is denying being in the porn…despite the porn company having her on camera reading her release for…and stating her name for the camera…a porn trick to have proof they aren’t shooting under age girls…but instead 18 year old idiots who have a dream and go the easiest route to get to that dream…even when that route takes away their dream….but opens new opportunities now that everyone knows her name….but not opportunities that involve doing porn for that original company….because they said she was a shitty fuck….maybe cuz she had a deer in headlights look of fear on her face the whole time she was getting fucked….but I’d still watch her fuck on camera again…I am supportive like that and believe the first time is always the worst…

Oh and the joke in all this…or what people think the joke is…is that she got paid 1500 dollars to do the scene…which is pretty much industry standard, even on the high end of industry standard…and everyone is writing about how shocking that is…when I thought she did it for 500 dollars…cuz that’s all I pay the girls from Craigslist to be in my porno movies…

There’s a total confusion when it comes to porn, everyday girls think girls get paid millions and the girls who do it for 1000 bucks a scene think they are famous….when all they are are girls fucking on camera like so many girls who fuck on camera…

This Melissa King just has an edge cuz she had the foresight to get involved in a pageant, to create scandal and really make her porn choices count….and I commend her for that….

I broke this story thanks to my friend/insider in Delaware…I beat all the mainstream media including the local Delaware papers to it….I got no credit for it…but it was my Lewinsky…..So if you want to see her porn scene
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Melissa King – Miss Teen Delaware 2013 Did Porn of the Day

Her name is Melissa King….She is Miss Teen Delaware 2013….I didn’t bother reading her bio ….but I did watch this video of her talking about being in foster care and how hard it is to make money for gymnastics…..

Which I guess is why she did this porn…..you know broken home, need for money, craving fame, hoping a scandal that propels her to the mainstream like she was Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian….because girls these days don’t view porn the same as they once did…..they figure it’s an easy way to get noticed and make moves and one day star on a reality show….

Porn may not have the same stigma and more and more young hot girls may all wanna be porn famous…cuz they wanna compete with the girls the guys they like jerk off to….but I still love watching them perform…so I say thank god for that….and thank god for Miss Teen Delaware not doing their background checks…cuz she was doing porn in June, 3 months after turning 18, and 5 months before being crowned….hilarious…..making me think she’s more a porn chick using beauty pageants to get publicity….and not the other way around…..


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