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Melissa Satta in a Bikini of the Day

Melissa Satta is some Italian based TV presenter, SHOWGIRL, and 2010 Sports Illustrated model that you’ve probably never heard of because I’ve never heard of her and I’ve been doing this site for 15 fucking years…HOWEVER…it is very possible that I have heard of her and have posted on her but just don’t remember because I don’t remember shit, dementia maybe, alzheimers, just being built dump or maybe my brain is fucking pickled…who cares….I saw the paparazzi pics of her 34 year old ass and thought the cellulite looked weird, but the ass still looked good, maybe because of the bikini bottoms fitting her right, or maybe it’s just a good ass…who knows…

She was born in Boston, so she’s not a full on Italian treat like spaghetti….but rather an Italian with an American passport….she’s also a Karate champion which is hilarious but not as hilarious as being the mistress to Kobe Bryant who almost got Vanessa Bryant to leave him before rigging his helicopter to get that inheritance she deserves because he was fucking this isntead of her….

Now she’s married to a soccer player….and this is her mom ass in a bikini

Here are some paparazzi pics:

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Melissa Satta Bikini Jacked Up Her Ass of the Day

Melissa Satta is some rich bitch who is American, but was raised in Europe, who is engaged to some black guy from Ghana who is a pro soccer player and who bought her a multi-million dollar engagement ring, because either her ass is that good, or her ass is just that high maintenance, that she needs that kind of nonsense to feel valuable, proving that she’s just a high maintenance cunt and I hate her.

But I don’t mind that she likes jacking her bikini up her ass, because people take pictures of her attention seeking cunt self, which validates her thanks to her dad being too busy for her when she was growing up, at least that’s what I am going to assume until I forget who the fuck Melissa Satta is, which will be in about 5 minutes from now.


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Melissa Satta Hot Bikini Pics of the Day

Melissa Satta Bikini

Melissa Satta is a 26 year old Italian-Amrican model, TV presenter and actress, at least that is what she wrote in her bio, because I’ve never heard of the bitch…..and the reality is, you should see the number of girls I talk to her are “models” just because some low level photographer gives them 50 bucks to take nude pics of them…or because they were hired to give out samples at a music festival…or because they are signed to some shitty agency that doesn’t get them work but that gives them a stamp of approval even if they are the fourth fucking string….

The world is filled with hot girls and the real hot ones tend to be the ones who don’t call themselves models, tv presenters and actresses…..

The reality is that she left America for Italy to break into the scene, it is easier to do MTV Italy than doing MTV where she’d stand no chance, then she banged some footballers, or soccer players to Americans, got into the media, and now she matters….

That hustle can also be considered sleeping her way to relevance, or prostitution, only instead of 100 dollars an hour, she gets in the media….

And who really cares, because at least she’s taken the time to get some implants to make her irrelevance a little less irrelevant….

You see, cuz I like tits.


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Melissa Satta Flashes her Nipple on the Beach of the Day

Melissa Satta is some Italian showgirl, whatever the fuck that means, I am thinking either a glorified stripper, or a back-up dancer, who probably isn’t showing a large group of people for the first time in these pics, if anything, it is probably her thing, that’s why she invested in implants, you know cuz implants always lead to more money for girls in the service business….and by service I mean whores.

Luckily, she is also some Soccer or “Football” if you’re a Euro, groupie/slut/WAG/ girl who socceer dudes knock up and marry cuz Soccer dudes love whores who respect their need and understand their need to fuck other sluts in neighboring cities, but don’t complain about it cuz they like the good life soccer fame brings them, cuz in Europe soccer players are Gods…

Here is her nipple flash on the beach….


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Melissa Satta in Her Bikini of the Day

She isa SI Swimsuit model and she’s in a swimsuit. I am a drunk and I am still drunk. Everything is making pretty good sense to me today….everything is playing out the way you’d expect it to…everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing…shitty teenage angst tattoos you’d expect to see at the mall aside, she’s got an amazing fucking ass and that’s really all i have to say about that…I mean other than….my job on this one’s done….

Pics via Bauer

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Melissa Satta at the Beach Showing Off Her Ass at the Beach of the Day

I am learning that life is all about balance. It’s only taken me about 40 years to realize that. So now for every drink I have, I drink a glass of water and I’ve found the hangover to be less abusive. Every time I do it, I feel like an obnoxious muscle man chachi who orders egg white omelettes when I take my girlfriend who I met at the gym out for breakfast on a Sunday morning after spending a quiet saturday night at home looking at myself in the mirror. The kind of guy who thinks he’s living on the edge when asking the waitress for a little cheese and toast on the side, because it goes against the strict diet so that I will live a longer life with muscles to look at.

So in taking on this new balanced life I feel I should apply it to all aspects of my life including this site, so as a reaction to the horrible ass I just posted, here are some pictures of Italian model Melissa Satta in a bikini looking amazing. I don’t know when they were taken, but I am glad they were taken, because the beauty of the camera is that it captures a moment in time that we can just keep revisiting and revisiting until depression sets in and our penises cry when we realize we’ll never land a chick this hot in our useless lives.

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