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Mellisa Clarke Topless for Page 3 of the Day

Mellisa Clarke is some small titty Glamour model who I guess they threw into the mix to fuck with our expectations of Glamour models, you know to stir the pot and piss off any of the big titty lovers, or maybe to settle some law suit or hate mail they were getting from girls with small tits, probably lesbians, who felt that Page 3 was objectifying women, and they were planning a protest, as lesbians do, to put an end to their unrealistic expectations of women, using women who have unrealistic sized tits, because they are usually not real….and you know what, I’m kinda into it…but then again, I have consistently been more into girls with smaller tits over the years, because they just usually come as a tighter package. Every girl I’ve met with big tits, just has a looser, wider set vagina…a dumpier ass, and a shitty stomach…while tight tone girls with perky tits, are just more athletic and better to fuck…I mean the only time I’m really into huge tits is getting a lap dance cuz I can’t stick my dick in the dumpy bitch, and the black light and my alcoholism makes them perfect enough for me to play with their tits like an autistic kid playing with rocks in the park….if you know what I mean…all overly excited and aggressive about it…either way, here are the pics.

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