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Men are Better than Women of the Day

I get a lot of hate mail for being some kind of mysogynist, which is a word I had never heard before starting the site but now deal with it everyday and it’s got something to do with hating women or some other stupidity. So the feminists attack me because they think I objectify women and write rude shit about women when I’ve always believed that I love chicks and that’s why I write about them. If I actually hated chicks, I’d be into cock and that’s where this site would go and what we’d talk about.

Either way, this dude started a site and wrote a book called MenAreBetterThanWomen and I think this dude is full of shit and trying to cash in on some shock value shit and this is some kind of publicity stunt, but the shit he says makes me laugh. Not necessarily because everything he says is true but because it’s funny. It’s not shit that I think on the daily, but I feel like it is something most dudes probably agree with. I guess calling girls whores because they are opportunists and date men for money because they are better providers and allow for a lifestyle they want isn’t really a chauvinist thing to say, its kinda just reality but guys are the same because they’d date girls for being hot before dating them for being nice, guys and girls are just lookin’ for different things and since I am ugly I figure that’s good news for me provided I ever make money….

My problem is not with women but with feminists who create Women’s Studies programs in Universities and who overcompensate by denouncing their sex appeal, putting on a pair of construction boots and taking of their make-up so that they can be hard ass cunts by taking themselves too seriously and ragging on people like me in some kind of fight for women’s rights and a whole down with penis mission. All this while denying that they can use their bodies and sex appeal to get ahead,

I’ve never had issues with girls who are down to earth, know what’s up and realize that suckin’ dick and showing their tits will help their careers and can sit around and joke about that shit, because I don’t think women have nothing to say and are useless and only good for fucking, but because I think there’s a group of these lesbian manhaters than are giving good sweet girls who I like to be around a pretty bad name….

Either way, His thoughts and delivery are pretty well put together so listen to his Voicemail Response to some Single Mother….


Check Out the Website Because I Never Heard of It Before Yesterday, But Then Again I am Not Really Up To Date on Much…..

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