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Michella Cruz is Fit for Blue Beach Sports of the Day

Here’s some fitness inspiration for you fat fucks who don’t believe in the benefits of fitness, when fitness, theoretically involves girls who look like this, but for some reason never does, at least not when I used to creep on gyms to try to get in the locker room, because apparently, gyms are where fat girls go with some fantasy of looking like this one day, and not where girls who look like this go.

Her name is Michella Cruz, I have no idea who she is, what she does, where she’s from, or why she’s modelling, but I do know she’s got a banging’ body, that I wouldn’t mind working up a sweat lickin her clean after a good sweat, like an after gym shower, but with my mouth, not that me working up a good sweat is anything remarkable, I’m sweating right now, just sitting. We call this workout “near death”….

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