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Vogue Spain Does a Hot Bridal Supplement with Michelle Ferrara of the Day

It’s unfortunate that when we marry, the women don’t look this good, and if we’re lucky enough that they do, they never stay looking this good for long. The idea of a hot bride is fucking fantasy, cuz that only happens in the movies, or when an older rich guys buys himself one, cuz for the average asshole marriage is when we give up on the fight to stay not married, whether it is fear of lonliness, fear of never finding another girl to have our kids to carry on our legacy, or just because we are whipped….I do hear the sex after marriage is ok for the first 24 hours, but then shit goes down hill, so that’s why I’d rather jerk off to fake brides than my actual bride…who is so far from the person I married…i feel awkward even calling her a bride…cuz she’s more of just a lump of shit who just keeps getting bigger and bigger and stinks worse and worse and the whole thing never looked quite like this hipster in see through American Apparel bodysuit photoshoot….

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