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Micehlle Obama is Dancing to Pitbull of the Day

As far as I am concerned…this is the new Harlem Shake…it is the new Twerk….is is the latest dance craze that perverts everywhere should be masturbating to….it is the Michelle Obama getting down with some big booty Hispanic chick on TV….to endorse making fat kids move….but all I’m seeing is sex….gyrating sex…..and I am so into it….Shake-a-dat-ass First Lady….so ready for the sex tape to drop…hopefully co-starring a little Hugo Chavez (RIP MOTHERFUCKER) pre-cancer politically leader gangbang….cuz isn’t that the whole point of the First Lady??? To lure in enemy leaders?!

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The Secret to the Success of the Obama Relationship of the Day

Now I can only assume that this is doctored because I can’t imagine this actually made it on the air, but scroll to the 1:55 mark. I don’t know where this Love Doctor’s been hanging out, but I assume it’s the Lohan/Ronson crack den. I like to keep my relationship alive by not hanging out with my wife and stealing money out of her purse to spend on getting drunk enough to touch young hot girls inappropriately then coming home and telling my wife how inadequate and disgusting she is, so that her self esteem becomes non existant, she gets fatter and has less confidence to leave me, and eventually dies when her heart explodes leaving me with her pension. It sounds a lot less romantic than it actually is.

This was sent in by Anorak , check them out….

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