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I Like Mika Lovely of the Day

This Mika Lovely chick is some low level model out of Florida who I haven’t really bothered researching but who I assume will end up famous on instagram…if she isn’t already…and will end up working with top photographers looking for subjects who are intereting if she hasn’t already…and she will get naked in the process because she started at the bottom…with no agency…but the internet saved her…it changed her life like a lonely fat man who found a lonely fat women on a fat person dating site…only far hotter, sexier and more naked…

This Mika Lovely chick is going to be a new it girl…and before that happens..stare at her fashion vagina.

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Some Chick Named Mika Lovely Hipster Nudity of the Day

Mika Lovely is some Model Mayhem chick from Miami trying to get noticed in the fashion world…who has a site of her own and an instagram and twitter I am sure she’s working as hard as she can..in hopes of one day being an actual model…and on her quest…she gets naked…shows some pubic bone…that is shaved…and is ultimately…pretty fucking awesome…even if she’s like so many other girls…just trying to make it as an in front of the camera babe…

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