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Millie Mackintosh Topless of the Day

Millie Mackintosh is an English actress

Millie Mackintosh is not Millie Bobby Brown, even though I know half you fuckers who clicked this link thought she was because you’re in your 40s, you watch Stranger Things because it reminds you of your childhood, not that it was that interesting or worth making a TV show about, but the arcade games and “aesthetic” was the same and it feels like home, it speaks to your soul, it makes you forget all that went wrong, while you can focus on a simpler timer….I get it..

Millie Mackintosh is some reality show trash, which is basically the Glamour Model of the UK the updated version, because Page 3 girls barely matter anymore, but these girls on the shitty reality shows do…and like the Glamour Models they bring their tits out…and we like them for that…even if they are low level garbage.

Millie Mackintosh Topless Nipples on the Beach

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Millie Mackintosh Topless on the Beach of the Day

Jesus. UK girls are a whole pile of fun. This Millie Mackintosh is apparently a UK reality star, married to someone naked PROFESSOR GREEN. Who posted this video of her sleeping on their way back from IBIZA where she got topless because she wanted him to…

I like that on her BLOG she wrote:

I usually try to avoid reacting to stories in the press concerning me.

Bitch, you don’t try to avoid anything when it comes to press, because everything you do is to get in the press. I don’t believe you don’t react to stories in the press, because you seed those stories.

This kind of shit, you know the person behind the topless pics…is just everything wrong in the world…except maybe for topless pics…those are ok…but much more interesting when not intentionally in effort to get in the paparazzi….it’s like it takes everything pure and beautiful out of topless pics…and for that I hate this attention seeking pile of shit…


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