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Ashlee Simpson Shows Off her Useless Mom Legs of the Day

You know it is a boring day when I post pictures of Ashlee Simpson’s legs in pantyhose like shit is hot…a seriously boring fucking day….

The only thing partially hot about this girl is that she let a dude cum inside her, but when you remember it is Pete Wentz’s cum, it kinda ruins the excitement….and really most girls let guys cum inside them anyway, it’s one of those things that you find in nature and instinctively we do…and just because most girl’s I’ve fucked without a condom yelled at me everytime I did it on purpose but pretended was accidental, doesn’t mean there aren’t girls out there begging for loads to be dropped inside them to make them feel loved or some shit…and then there’s the whole baby has ripped that pussy apart shit…and her fucking busted up face that gives Jessica Simpson low self esteem because she can’t land a man but her baby sister can, not that Pete Wentz is a man, but you get what I am saying….

Here are the miserable pics….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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