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Mona Johannesson is the Topless Cowgirl of the Day

Cowboy shit is going nuts…It is going to be the new vampire…and I am pretty happy about it….I’ve been endorsing this Cowboy style clothing company that just launched for the last few weeks because I really believe the shit is going to take over and I’m doing everything I can to help make it happen because I’m tired of bi-sexual looking emo kids as the idols for our youth. I want to help bring back the Marlboro Man…cuz chain smoking on horses isn’t a gay thing…even if Bubble Boy tried to make you think it is with his Brokeback Mountain shit..it’s fuckin’ gangster.

This is some topless cowboy fashion shoot for some magazine cuz cowboy is the future and when it’s given to me like this I find the whole thing fucking hot….

Her name is Mona Johannesson, she’s got hot perky model tits and she’s bringing my cowgirl fantasy to life…it is part of the American way..let’s bring it back….

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