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Monika Clarke Topless Without Facetune of the Day

Monika Clarke Big Girl Topless 1

Monika Clarke is an instagram thot and facetune addict….because this is seriously some of the most aggressive facetune use ever.

I realize all these 20 year old girls are out there getting plastic surgery with their skinny tea money to look they way they look when they facetune themselves…and I know an instagram slut you’ve seen half naked and possibly even jerked off to…probably won’t even stand out in person…like you won’t even notice her other than her sitting in the corner on her phone reading her comments to build up her self esteem….her life is on internet now….

But whenever I see someone busted like this one….I can’t help but laugh.

The internet is a lie.

Here she is on Instagram looking like a completely different girl
Monika Clarke Big Girl Facetune Instagram


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