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Mormons Gone Wild of the Day

I just found this group of Mormons or Latter Day Saints, depending on what BYU campus you went to and it is AMAZING.

I’m a little biased because I found Mormom Memes about a year ago and feel totally immersed in their cult of hard working people. Then there’s the whole Polygamy criminal Mormon groups that are just fucking dark and weird with their multiple wives dressed like they are from Little House on the Prairie…also fucking weird….but the rich as Fuck church, shout out Wilbur Marriott, like all religions has the defectors who were born into it, raised in it, turned their back to it after having 5 kids in it….like god wanted…only to listen to their horny side, the devil in the depths of their soul, to get the fucking nudes on the internet…

Here’s a round up of some of these people, and it’s great, mainly because of the context of the conservative church not holding them back…their nudes are really exceptionally naughty or breaking all the rules because their family and peers aren’t about this life….I blame naught Mormon Julianne Hough for this level of misbehaving….

I guess the power of perversion is stronger than the power of their god….rebels….I guess it’s not overly MORMON, but they say they are so that’s good enough for me.

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