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The Highlights from the Shitty MTV Movie Awards of the Day

The MTV awards made me mad. I watched them. I Live-Twittered Them . They were totally staged, fabricated, and scripted…and they were a giant ad for Twilight, Jersey Shore, Katy Perry, Tom Cruise and pretty much anything else they have stock in. You see all they have to do is tell the companies who own these stars “Free Publicity” and the MTV Movie awards is what happens. It was bullshit. I hated every recycled joke and I hope it is the end of MTV, but it isn’t cuz Teenage girls everywhere are too stupid to realize the marketing scam this is and here are some highlights….

First up, the clip of Sandra Bullock trying to distract you from the fact that she used to play Nazi inspired sex games….it’s like the black baby she adopted only less obvious….Kiss Scarjo and maybe people will stop talking about the fact that she’s a Nazi who probably has STDS thanks the Jesse James’ selection in pussy…that I have a feeling Sandra Bullock was in on the whole time….

Here is X-Tina Aguilera’s glowing heart on her pussy…doing the Lady Gaga…Trying to sex it up in hopes of a comeback….that I think should have been retired with her vagina back when she killed that fucker….

Here is Katy Perry showing off tit to distract you from her ghetto body performing some song that was promoted as being performed naked…

First are some pictures from the red carpet of Scarjo hiding her tit….

Here are some pics of Aguilera doing some Marilyn Monroe Madonna Lady Gaga shit in some horrible identity crisis that didn’t result in her baby momma pussy lip slippin’ cuz a baby momma pussy lip is always something to keep under control

Here is Katy Perry trying to play up her tits in a shitty almost see through dress cuz she wants the song of the summer and MTV promised they’d give it to her….I hate this pig…Seriously…she doesn’t deserve any of the attention she gets and her song fucking sucks, but not as hard as her boyfriend wishes he did…

Here some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens pretending Zac Effron isn’t a faggot and that we haven’t seen her nude pics that stem from his lack of involvement in her pussy forcing her to try to find cock on the the internet….and she’s showing some cleavage….

Here are the Jersey Shore pigs cashing in on some stupid show concept that MTV is milking hard now that they actually have to pay this trash…They are kissing each other cuz that’s what fat, moron party sluts do to get noticed…

Here is Lohan showing off tit in a metal jumpsuit, like a 70s pornstar a few months away from dying. She’s a fucking wreck and should be forgotten…cuz there are so many better pussies out there…even though she’s trying really fucking hard to hold on because last year she told me that MTV award shows are a waste of time and irrelevant and this year she struggled to even get picked up on camera…It’s over for her.

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