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I am – Katie Downes and Emily Clark Mud Wrestle in Xena Costumes of the Day


I know all you virgin fucks are into this sci-fi fantasy shit that I never liked. I was never drawn to Xena the Warrior princess, action figures, dragons or space because she looked like a man and I was into girls with Vaginas who were human and didn’t have magic powers. Not to mention all those shows are low budget and shit quality and I find them offensive. I did watch the Simpson’s episode with the Collector and Lucy Lawless was a guest and they made fun of guys like you and your creepy sexual obsessions of warrior princesses.

I have no fucking idea what this event is but these 2 girls who I have never heard of are mud wrestling. One is named Katie Downs and the other is named Emily Clark. I am pretty hungover and slow moving – so this is all you’re getting out of me until the next post.

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