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Kellie Pickler’s Personal Pictures of the Day

Last I heard of Kellie Pickler she was on American Idol talking about her grandfather who both raised her and had sex with her because that’s how they do things in the small down they are from. Pussy is limited so when you make one of your own, you got every right to do as you please with it, I am not sure if that was her exact quote because I was watching the shit on mute cuz I couldn’t stomach her twang and inbred level of intelligence.

I almost feel bad saying that because the truth is that everyone busts inbred people for being retarded or handicapped or whatever just because their parents are related, but I went to school with a set of ibred people, who’s parents were cousins and both kids, despite being weird lookin’, did really well in school. Maybe it was cuz they were first generation and not a line of inbred people like Pickler, but I think her retardedness stems from other things, like dropping out of school at the age of 8 to tend to the farm and by farm I mean grandpa’s dick.

Either way, these are some pictures of her sluttin out in some personal pics with the tits she always wanted and bought with her American Idol money. It’s nice to see dreams can come true.

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