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Naked Musical Chairs – Part of the Naked Games Video of the Day

My friend and producer DirtyDeeds is making a series of videos called “Naked Games” that involve innocent childhood games played naked…..genius….

I love the concept, cuz I love nudity, but more importantly I love the idea it gave me to trick girls into getting naked by playing games they feel familiar with, that remind them of their childhood, that are more innocent that saying something like “Come over and choke on my dick while I take pics for my website”….you know fun and adventurous…wholesome…but still fucking naked and wild….and I love all ways to get girls naked….

That said, I will be premiering all the upcoming vids for the “Naked Game Series” brought to you by DirtyDeeds cuz I like them……and believe they have or they can single handedly revolutionize parties everywhere….

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