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Natalia Proza in a See Through Shirt of the Day

I don’t know who Natalia Proza is, You don’t know who Natalia Proza is. Nobody knows who Natalia Proza is, but she wants you to know who she is…in fact she is making it very clear that she wants you to know who she is, that is why she’s wearing a wet t-shirt in a staged photoshoot for the paparazzi…that they are pretending is for a commercial shoot she got cast for…

She’s thirsty, and not for the water she’s pouring all over herself in some low concept, bottom feeding paparazzi pics…that they are pretending are for a commercial…a commercial with nipples poking out of her shirt…like all commercials…brands hate fucking nipples…just ask Victoria’s Secret…and every advertiser who has refused to advertise here…

She’s thirsty to get fucking noticed and make money…like all Russian imports who dream the American dream……and we all know how much I love me some thirsty bitches…especially when in white bikini bottoms and a sheer wet bikini top…it makes their struggle and desperation easier to jerk off to.


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