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Natasha Blasick Russian in a Bikini in Malibu of the Day

Natasha Blasick was born in the former USSR in the city of Odessa on the Black Sea. Her first language is Russian, She grew up in a Soviet style apartment that housed two families.

She Has 7 Movies coming out and I guess this is her PR tour…

7 Fucking movies, yet none of us have ever heard of her, because I guess thanks to digital technology, anyone can make a movie, it just doesn’t mean anyone will see the movie, unless it’s uploaded to some porn site and is a specific niche that enough people are into, but that the big players are targeting or producing content for, assuming that the kind of movies she gets cast for, involve what you’d expect a girl of this caliber, posing in this way, wearing this bikini would be doing….Eastern European / Russian Sex work…

Or maybe she’s just a Spy, or one of the girls your president Peed on that the Russians once threatened to release….who knows..

I just know she’s putting it out there, she’s hustling, and deserves you to notice….because so much less inspiring content is getting so much more coverage…because this is inspiring content at least to me…it looks like 1990s posters you put up in your dorm room, or shit you’d see in a beer commercial in the 90s, or novelty playing cards your dad had in the 90s….that you’d jack off to…

I guess what I am saying…is she reminds me of the 90s, and he probably doesn’t even realize she’s 30 years behind…and that’s what makes this strategic attempt at self promotion all the more weird as fuck.


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