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Funny Girl Natasha Leggero Impersonator Nudes of the Day

These are some pics of a Natasha Leggero impersonator, roasting Natasha Leggero, by putting out nude selfies pretending to be the roaster, who is actually one of those funny girls that has a bit of sexual appeal, if you’re into girls who are funny, which I generally don’t….

She’s older, rough, but taking nude selfies as she should…according to owning a vagina…

I mean sure, I’ll humor a bitch if she’s out with me and cracking jokes, and sometimes, usually when she’s fat she’ll say something clever and get a little laugh out of me, not usually a physical laugh…but I feel it in my stomach a little and I almost smile, because for the most part…I hate comedy and think laughter is overrated…..

The reason I hate comedy is because it’s all fucking contrived, planned, scheduled, corporate…it’s all calculated and rehearsed, and most importantly…it’s not funny, it’s safe, it’s generic….and now the only place to get dirty jokes is from women, who just seem like they are sluts telling horror stories of filling the void in their souls through their vaginas and finding humor in it along the way…

It’s like Amy Schumer and her 1 star due to NETFLiX RATING TROLLS that has led Netflix to eliminate their rating system to make it TROLL proof…because SCHUMER could never come across as an overrated pig with narrow set eyes that should be taken out back and shot, not given movie after movie because she made some lazy exec and some moms on twitter laugh….

I know Legerro is not Amy Schumer, but they are all the same breed of sex joke…but at least Legerro in a world where female comedians are everywhere, bitches are fucking jokers, sleazy fucking jokers, she’s the kind of girl you’d more likely want to fuck….even if she doesn’t stop running her stupid joke mouth…

I have a friend who is really into Female comedians….he has no taste, but is married to a hot chick so we let it slide…like we do with my other friend who has a thing for 400 pound black women…who also has a hot wife…people and their fetishes…you know..

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