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French Singer Messes Up The US National Anthem at a Hockey Game….Then Karma Gets Her…of the Day

The C.I.A. fucked this bitch up for disgracing and offending their country by putting a gun to this bitch’s head and making her walk out and embarrass herself more than she already did when trying to sing the US National Anthem and slaughtering it by not knowing the words. The truth is that she seems French Canadian, I think she works at the deli down the street from me and sells me week old bread, pate and cheese for cheap, but I could be wrong, those French people all look the fuckin’ same, but the truth is that there’s no real reason for her to know the US National Anthem, other than being asked to sing it since she is clearly not even American….

I am sure none of you would know the words to the song is and you live in the fucking country, if it wasn’t for the patriot training camps your Government calls Elementary school, where you were forced to sing that shit everyday and recite the constitution forward and backwards while re-enacting the civil war and memorize all other things American, without putting energy in learning about other countries, because as you have been told the USA is the ONLY country….so instead of being offended about this shit, think everyone should know your shit as well as you know you’re shit, I’d like you to sing the French National anthem to me, but that’s only because I love your angelic voice, it is like porn to me….

Either way, this video is funny, I laughed because she’s fucking useless.

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