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Nikola Romanova Doing Important Things of the Day

Nikola Romanova has the right name….a Russian spy kind of a girl, naked to get the information she is trying to get from whatever weak dude she is trying to get it from…

Nikola Romanova, like so many Russian women before her, is navigating that vast world we are all connected in….through her nudity…hoping to find opportunity.

Like Irina Shayk, she needs a rich and famous man to impregnate her, it’s part of the Russian takeover, to make more strong Russian children and to assert that strong Russian work ethic on the world.

Unlike many other Russian sex workers, this one is actually a legit model, who has done runway modeling, and she’s out there naked for her art form…and it looks fucking great.

I like my naked models better when when are legit models and not just girls on instagram getting their shit out there to go viral with basic nudes….Legit models make it all seem less cheap.

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Nikola Romanova Nude of the Day

Nikola Romanova is a model.
I am looking at her pubic hair.
If you are going to be a model.
Having pubic hair exposed in pics of yourself to help further your career may seem obvious, or basic, or like the last resort of desperation.
But it’s fucking great.
Nikola Romanova our Russian Goddess who you can probably buy if you’re rich enough – it wonderful.
If only she was a cam girl!

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