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Nikyee Heaton Thong on Snapchat of the Day


This girl Nikyee Heaton was some youtube hooker who got noticed for some cover song, because cover songs are the best way to get noticed on youtube as people are trying to find the actual song…just ask Bieber…or Usher…who likes to fuck kids who do cover songs..it’s a fetish…

I guess a fetish shared by Justin Timberlake, because he signed this one to his label years ago, probably did nothing for her, forcing her to be a whore on instagram and apparently snapchat…showing off her very relevant hip hop vixen body that looks like it may lead to an Amber Rose stripper turned rapper wife career…and as long as the snowflake, white booty…that knows her audience and is working her audience proper….

So in a lot of ways, we should thank her for existing…

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