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Not Anya Taylor Joy Applying Lipstick of the Day

I have some bad news for “HornyLohanWanker”…..Anya Taylor-Joy is one of those cool smokers showing off that smoking is cool to a world who forgot just how cool smoking is….but unfortunately left her smoking out of her lipstick application video…..a fail for the lipstick and smoking fetishists out there….

That said, Anya Taylor-Joy freaks me out because she looks like a skinny meth addict you’d find walking the blade ready to suck dick for more meth, but in a fancy way…which I gues is actually her only redeeming quality….

She’s a created by Hollywood, but looks nothing like she did in her first act in Hollywood, playing a WITCH crossing over from simple townsfolk to witch in the movie witch….

It’s one of those art imitating life, where what happened on the screen, the selling of her soul for the Goat god happened in her real life, proven in the success she’s had in the industry amongst the other demon fuckers…

As it turns out, this is Vanessa Kirby so forget all that other shit I just said, I mean besides that she’s not smoking…..I have facial recognition blindness, it’s a real condition and I should get a handicapped sticker for it….

Vanessa Kirby is from The Crown, who cares, she is applying lipstick for the perverts…

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