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Octo Mom Publicity Stunt Bikini Top of the Day

Octomom, is likely excited by the Casey Anthony kill off your kids cuz they are a burden and not get charged with murder, especially cuz she has the argument that it was self defense on her side, and to prove it, all she has to do is show the court the sloppy mess that is what is left of her vagina, as evidence of what she’s been through….after the vomiting…and shock and instant homosexuality….they’ll just let her go home and apologize for wasting her time….and here are her tits in a bikini…

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http://www.thesuperficial.com/octomom-bikini-casey-anthony-verdict-kids-beach-07-2011/0706-octomom-bikini-05″ target=”_blank”> FOLLOW THIS LINK

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