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Olcay Gulsen Bikini Pictures of the Day

According to Wikipedia, because that is the kind of hard hitting journalism you gotta do when you’re a blogger like me, serious investigative reporter shit that distracts me when I have to look at the pictures of the wikipedia supporters telling me to give wikipedia money cuz I use them….she goes by the name OJ…

Shes arab,dutch, a fashion designer, but she’s really known for being a WAG, engaged to a european footballer, who in case you didn’t know are like gods in Europe, making them the key people to target when you’re a useless whore….in a bikini for attention, or maybe just cuz she’s on vacation and that’s what people do on beach vacation unless they are muslim or momon……what a total slut….

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Olcay Gulsen is a WAG in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t know anything about soccer….I just find it annoying….

I do know that soccer players are considered celebrities and bitches throw their pussies at them, but I only know that cuz bitches throw their pussies at anything that has some level of fame, success or money…It’s some animal kingdom instinct to make her pussy feel secure and taken care of…and this immigrant bitch with a weird immigrant name is up on this footballer’s wallet just as hard as you’d expect her to be and she’s doing it in a bikini…

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