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Olga Glatsky Naked Gymnast of the Day

Olga Glatsky is a 2004 world champion in group Gymnastics from Russia…the Makayla Maroney of her country….she’s also the Director of Youth Policy Department which sounds like some Communist shit…but I think her most important contribution to the sport is this demo she put on, totally naked with a friend, for what I can assume is some rich guy…because Russian women get it…

Use that hot Gymnast body for some hot gymnast money…it’s actually an up-sell from all the other girls willing to get naked for the rich guys….it’s also the demo that reminds you of what you imagine whenever you watch Gymnastics….

Obviously this video got her removed from her job, and all I have to say to that is let a girl have a good time and demo her sport the way the people want to see it…it’s just a naked body people….I mean haven’t these people ever been on instagram…the land of naked Russian chicks and really naked chicks on a global level….

I figure if they don’t kill her off, she’ll be fine, someone will buy her…with skills like that…they can get a premium for her….and maybe they’ll throw in her friend too…

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