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Olga Maliouk for Blush Lingerie of the Day

I have never heard of Blush Lingerie, but in my defense I don’t really give a fuck about lingerie brand names, I am just more into staring at the girls wearing it, and even if that lingerie is some rash and yeast infection forming quality, I am still eager to stare at the girl in it, so brands don’t matter…the only thing good about them is that they all do the same thing to get the same exposure and that’s hot photoshoots with babes….which are awesome..

This shoot was done by Max Abadian, who is a montreal based photographer, leading me to think that Olga Maliouk, despite her mail order bride name, may be a montreal based model, making me wonder why I am sitting on my soiled couch and not walking the streets screaming her name…hoping to find her or at least where she lives so that I can go through her garbage or steal her dirty laundry to feel close to her….

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