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I hate Bouncers of the Day

Here’s a video of the bouncers at One Nightclub in Hollywood, where celebrities hang out, fucking up some punk who obviously did something wrong according to them at their night club. I am sure this is a shitty fucking place, where the people inside feel they are more important than they actually are, who wear Ed Hardy and buy bottles of Grey Goose, you know the 9 to 5 millionaires pretending they are partying like rockstars while charging the night to their credit card they can’t afford and end up getting rowdy enough for the staff to take them outside. Bouncers are fucking thugs who feel like they can fuck people up at their discretion, because they think that is their job and at every club, they are power tripping people who are bitter at the world because they have to deal with people having a good time, while getting paid 10 dollars an hour.

I have had my fair share of trouble with bouncers for doing a variety of things. Once I passed out puking in the bathroom of a club after being over served and the bouncer picked me up over his shoulder, threw me down a flight of stairs and banned me from coming back. Another time, I got in a fight with a bouncer for kicking me out with a hat on and I ended up trying to choke him, which turned out to be a minor mistake, because dude was a fucking ninja. Another time, they asked me to leave a bar after I purchased a pitcher of beer and when I tried smuggling it out because I felt that it was rightfully mine, they jumped me, leaving me with a fractured skull. Another time, the bouncer wouldn’t let me into a bar and I offered to pay him 10 dollars an hour to stand by my bathroom door and teach me to be a tough guy, ending up in gettin punched again. Then there was the time I called a bouncer a rockstar and it turned out he didn’t like being called a rockstar and he beat me up only for me to tell him while bloody as fuck that he just proved he’s a fucking rockstar only to get me beat down some more. I have always liked getting kicked out of clubs, especially really shitty ones, I liked getting banned from clubs a lot more because it made me feel like I left my mark, the only problem is that police never side with you after getting assaulted by these motherfuckers and you can’t sue or get them arrested for assault because the cops see them as an extension of the law and so do they. I even had a drunk friend who was walking outside a club and wasn’t even a patron of a club get beat to death, those bouncers ended up going to jail, because they were murderers bullying on some loud dude on the street where they don’t really have any jursidiction, but shit’s just representative of how they think they are O.J. Simpson and above the fucking law and I am posting this video because I hate them even when they beat up little wimpy motherfuckers who I wouldn’t normally side with because I hate everything they represent, but I guess I hate bouncers more….

So if you are in LA, don’t go to One Nightclub, shit looks pretty fucking lame, proven in the fact that Kim Kardashian hangs out there….

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