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Paige WWE Tits of the Day

I don’t watch the WWE, but some of the trashiest middle of the road, weird as fuck dudes, who for some reason are often times European, love this shit..and the women involved..they love the storylines, the dude on dude action, and the women involved who make it less homo…

I have been to a WWE event…thanks to HeymanHustle who got me front row tickets, as he runs the shit, and it was hilarious to see the kind of people into this…and the women involved…who all look like gutter strippers who should be working a truck stop….but instead mount each other…

I don’t remember Paige…but I did check her instagram where she has 3,000,000 follers..but only gets 300 likes a pic…seems legit…enough to post titty pics..on social media for some kind of attention.

I dig it….

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Paige Nude on the Beach with Sam Li of the Day

Her name is Paige and she’s not an official model, at least I don’t think she is, because I’ve never heard of her, and I’ve hear of most models…but I am sure if she is signed – she’ll be the first to email me…

All this to say she looks pretty alright in these pics by photographer SAMLIVM…because let’s face it, any skinny girl willing to get naked on the beach for a photoshoot that doesn’t necessarily serve any purpose, or have any budget, but is strictly for “artistic” endeavors and instagram hits…is amazing by me…you see I don’t need real models, I find them boring and expensive. I am way more into regular girls who haven’t quite established themselves yet, who want to pay dress up or in this case dress down.

I am a fan…

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