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Paulina Gretzky’s Fake Brat Tits in a Bikini for Twittter of the Day

Paulina Gretzky is some athlete’s daughter who is probably raised horribly because her dad was some new money hockey star who all the puck sluts wanted to fuck…who was always on the road, too bust for his little girl….and her mom probably some “aspiring models (read: stripper)”, who bagged herself a hockey player and got to live the good life as long as she pumped out some kids, who she would raise in her stripper image, to not be fat and to get breast implants, especially if they want to keep busy and make a name for themselves on their own in the entertainment world, you know cuz you don’t get Daddy’s inheritance til he’s dead and we gotta make you learn responsibility by getting you jobs via your last name and family friends….
and that is why she’s amazing.

Here she is on set of Grown Ups 2 cuz Grown Ups 1 wasn’t bad enough and Adam Sandler likes making money….rocking a bikini like it’s her job…cuz I gues it kinda is, at least she thinks it is and that’s good enough for me.

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