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Pauline Baly Topless of the Day


Her name is Pauline Baly…you’ve never heard of her but according to her and her stupid looking fake lips…she’s an influencer…with 65,000 followers…that are following her for tips on creative ways that aren’t even that creative to show off her fame whoring tits…and I guess ass..

You know a real important lifestyle influencer, tipping us off on really great thing like how to wear as little clothes as possible on social media without getting your account deleted…or how to posein the Gym, or in bathing suits, or topless in pants…anything that is porny but not positioned as porny…

The fact is she’s not an influencer, she’s a glamor model, attention seeking slut, and if any brands buy into this girl being more than just shameless for hits…they are idiots and deserve to go bankrupt…

Here’s some shoot she did for some magazine I’ve never heard of – because there are so many magazines I’ve never heard of…and she’s showing tits..and we like tits..

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