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Eva Herzigova Creepy Stalker Pics of the Day

I’m not posting these cuz the subject of the pictures is hot, I am posting them because the context of the picture is hot. I am not too good with the english language, so I’m not too sure if that makes sense, but what I am trying to get across is that I can’t jerk off to the bitch in the pictures, btu I can jerk off to the fact that the pictures have a creepy stalker feel, like motherfucker was standing across the street from her on this balcony and he pretended he was talking a shot of the building to be discreet when really he was just zoomin in on the pussy….peeping tom is a fetish and if you’re anything like me…these picture will speak to you and you’ll understand all that went into getting them…cuz you are an amateur photographer yourself…and you hit the streets zoomin in on ass and ice cream cone eating…all while trying to not be obvious…even though you’re always obvious….

I don’t even know who Eva Herzigova is, but she’s got some serious wacked out hairline going on and it looks like she’s swallowing her chin, but whatever, not he subject of the picture, but the context….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Sad Peeping Tom Story of the Day

It’s always sad when someone gets caught in his craft, especially when his craft is being a Peeping Tom, something that requires some skill and some balls cuz it’s illegal…

Let’s face it, these dykes should be happy a dude was willing to peep on them and I really feel for the Peeping Tom, he’s gonna be depressed and embarassed about this for the rest of his life, cuz as a Peeping Tom, I know you only like to get caught for the girls who are really worth getting caught for. You know like the celebrity girls, or the girl who you see walking her dog everyday who you need to follow home to see naked cuz you just can’t take it anymore, not the filler girls you peep on on because you’ve got nothing better to, you know the practice peeps, he should really be ashameed of himself….

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Some Dude Gets Arrested for Trying to Help of the Day

I feel bad for this dude, he is misunderstood, all he did was install a camera in a teenage girl’s bedroom to make sure she was ok. You know to make sure no one sneaks in at night and rapes her, and to make sure that she was still breathing while she slept, masturbated, or pretty much did anything girls do in their rooms. I feel the injustice isn’t that she was being watched, it’s that he wasn’t crowned a fuckin’ hero, not to mention the only reason he got busted is cuz the 16 year old he was spying on was spying on him, so someone needs to bring her down.

Side note for those wondering, this story isn’t about me, I am not into hidden cameras, I am more into surprise visits.

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