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Phil Varones’ Swinging in Kentucky Exclusive Trailer of the Day

My GOOD friends over at VIVID.com offered me a trailer from their new sex tape with sex addict, rockstar and real life swinger, who has DONE THIS BEFORE …Phil Varone!

I’ve done A 10 QUESTIONS WITH PHIL VARONE interview before…but seeing him bang regular, real, non porn girls on video is far more entertaining!

Here is the press release:

Varone, a veteran swinger for more than 20 years, flies around the U.S. looking for swingers to star in his wildly popular movies. “I like to cast real swingers who are recommended by other swingers, since chemistry is most important when we film a large group,” Varone says.

In his new Kentucky Old Glory movie three couples plus one single female and one unattached male (Varone) show us that Kentucky has some of the hottest and naughtiest swingers in the country. “Maybe it’s the humid, subtropical climate of a state where the temperature gets up to 114 degrees that increases the urge to merge,” says Varone. “This group explores orgies, sex trains and so much more that I think it’s a good idea for viewers to hydrate before watching this wild ride.”

For the first time in any of his swinging movies, Varone and one of the husbands build a “glory hole,” which he portrays in the tradition of “This Old House,” so that viewers would find it easy to build their own.

“Kentucky Old Glory is the epitome of what being in the swinging lifestyle is about. Great friends, great times and great respect for the lifestyle,” Varone adds. “We’re obviously having such a good time that we know that viewers will too.”

Sounds AWESOME, RIGHT…and I have the hardcore trailer…thanks to VIVID


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10 Question with Rockstar and Pornstar Phil Varone of the Day

I had the chance to sit down with Skid Row star, Celebrity Sex Addict Star, Vivid Porn director and Star, and Now Author Phil Varone and ask him 10 questions…

If I had more time I would have gone into how much of a con artist and scam that Dr Drew murderer and opportunist is.

Here’s what he had to say.

1- Was being a rockstar like being a pornstar but without the cameras?

A Rock Star is a little different to say the least. The funny part is, we always had cameras around us when being in a band. I think both industries are very much the same and a lot different as well.

2- What industry has more morals, the music industry or the porn industry?

The Adult industry for sure. The music industry was loaded with thieves and liars. Being young and new years ago, I was ripped off for my whole career.

3- How many women have you been with?

It’s hard to say, but in the thousands for sure.

4- I’ve been to swingers clubs many times, and the women are all old and fat and something I wouldn’t have sex with if I had standards, how did you find swingers worth looking at for your movies?

Well, I think that’s a stereotype when it comes to swinging. There is a new generation of swingers and they are young, very attractive and full of energy. I’m a member of a few swinger sites and that’s how I meet them.

5- You were on the Dr Drew Sex Addicts show, Is being on camera just the next level in sex addiction.

I don’t identify as a sex addict. I did the show to be on TV and like any other show on TV, they were casting people to try to make it interesting. I was the token Rock Star that slept with a bunch of groupies.

6- I read that you are back out touring with your old band Saigon Kick, where can we find out where we can see you guys perform or am I asking too late?

We just finished the first run of 5 shows. These were test shows to see if the fans where still there and if the band could actually get along. It was a very successful run so there might be some shows in the future.

7. Do you still have groupies that show up for performances?

There are groupies, but nothing like the old days. I’m shooting a series for Vivid called groupies, so that will be a fun one that takes you back stage and the viewer will see how I try to score.

8. What’s the name of your latest movie from Vivid and what is it about?

It’s called 100% Real Swinger Series –Big Bear. I loaded up an RV with swingers and rented a cabin for the weekend. That one is very fun!!!

9. How do you maintain a solid personal relationship as a swinger?

Well, swinging is a lifestyle and my gf is in the lifestyle as well. It’s the only way I would have it.

10. I understand that your memoirs are about to be published.What’s the title and when can we get copies?

The book is called UN-Philtered – REAL LIFE ON AND OFF THE ROCK ‘N ROLL TOUR BUS. Anyone can get ebook copies by going on RIVERDALE AVENUE BOOKS Starting April 17. Paperbacks can also be ordered.


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Phil Varone’s Secret Sex Stash Sex Tape of the Day

His name is Phil Varone. I’ve never heard of him but that’s because no one pays attention to the drummer…..and he was the drummer in Skidrow and some other band….and more importantly he was on Sex Rehab with Dr Drew and even more importantly he has had sex with thousands of women and now a natural extension to his low level of fame is the sex tape….that he’ll pretend is from the road, even though only die hard fans even know who skid row is, and none of the bitches in the trailer look like they ever heard of skid row, leading me to believe that this is 95 percent staged….and seeing girls fuck on camera, is luckily always worth my time….

To Find Out More About the Phil Varone Sex Tape

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