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Eva Herzigova’s Pregnant Nudes of the Day

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Nothing says I like getting cum inside me like pregnancy. Nothing says I am throwing up everyday and hate the fucking miracle of life that is going to steal all of my sex appeal and elasticity in my vagina when it’s over and done with and all I’ll have to show for it is some fucker to remind me about it every day as he annoys me by asking for shit, crying and being an unappreciative cunt about everything I go out of my way to do for it because giving up my sex appeal wasn’t enough now I have to give up my fucking life so let’s fuckin’ celebrate like doing a nude spread in a magazine.

I don’t find pregnant chicks as disgusting as I should. I am not into ready to drop porn but I find pregnant chicks hotter than new mothers, because all new mothers care about is their little fucker while pregnant chicks are more into the changes going on in their bodies. I guess this is the pre-problem time and I always thought it would be funny to stick my dick in a pregnant chick especially when the baby isn’t mine because it brings home the point that I am getting with a real slut….one so slutty that she lets someone who isn’t even her baby daddy up in her and can’t even wait the 9 months to make it happen cuz she’s such a slut. I guess I also like the bigger tits, darker nipples and inside out belly button….because it reminds me of having sex with some kind of circus freak and that’s always been a dream of mine….

Either way, here’s Eva Herzigova pregnancy nudes for you sick fucks.

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