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Classy Woman Beating Up a Dude in Video of the Day

Here is a video straight from the projects of a man getting beat in front of the cops by a chick cuz he hit a girl and I guess she likes to defend vagina like some kind of superhero in the ghetto who instead of a cape wears stripper heels and capri style see thru leggings like she learnt self defense fucking up her pimp and she got tired of him fucking her up….and the whole thing reminds me why Rihanna got beat up by Chris Brown, cuz sometimes bitches from the Shanty get a little heated….like the bitch in the projects near my shithole who yelled at me for my dog pissing on her flowers, despite the building being a fucking government project and not her fucking house, so I told her to get back to suckin’ dick for 5 dollars to pay her subsidized rent and baby forumla/crack rock, and it didn’t end well, not because it got physical but because this bitch ended up falling over drunk, pissing all over herself before some dude carried her inside…to have his way with her while I just watched cuz I don’t care about the choices people make for themselves, especially when they run their mouths off at me instead of on me….

Either way, watch the video…

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