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Falcon Did It For the Show of the Day

This is amazing. I was on Twitter ripping into this whole Falcon and the Balloon bullshit especially when I found out that they were on the show Wife Swap, you know weirdos addicted to fame, who staged this to get all over the media, making them far more clever than I am, but also making them fucking criminals who wasted resources with rescue people and the army and a whole lot of fucking airtime when real issues were going the fuck on.

I have seen better lies when strippers tell me they love me. This motherfucker is so nervous and bad on TV and he is a weather man. It is clear he’s fucking crazy, you know making balloon in his backyard and by the way he was acting on TV but the fact that Falcon busted them at their own scam is fucking amazing.

Good luck with your “Floating Car” when you’re in prison you fucking hippie freak. Liars and their balloons made CNN awkward and hysterical all at the same times. Those fake tears that will be real tears when getting prison raped you con artist piece of shit….

As a bonus, here is the horrible rap song the kids made, cuz Daddy wants them to be the next Jonas Brothers (meal tickets).

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