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Vanessa Hudgens and Her Q-Tip Hair in Shorts of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens was wearing shorts, when fans started throwing Q-Tips at them, only to have one land in her hair. My god. The scandal. This is such a big fucking deal, it’s like the time I took a shit and saw a condom floating in the toilet. I couldn’t figure out if it was something I ate, or something that was left behind after getting a little too carried away with that tranny prositute, or maybe it was just something that was “floating” around in the toilet before I ended up on it. I mean, maybe my condom story is a little worse, because of that whole AIDS thing, and this Q-Tip is some candy-coated Hollywood bullshit, but that doesn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t use a condom with Hudgens, or Effron for that matter. Not because I’m gay, but because he is….

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