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Some Small White Ass With Some Fat as Fuck Questlove Ass of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Questlove. He was one of the first people to block me on twitter after I made fun of him being a bootleg Jay-Z, trying to get up in Beyonce’s sister, that already had a kid, because fat dudes, even when in successful bands, and when those bands are on TV every night, still run after the table scraps….

I do give a fuck about funny fucking videos and seeing him cross the street with this little chick in tight pants, was like watching an A&W rootbeer commercial in the early 90s.

Shit’s hysterical….but probably not as hysterical as the awkwardness that happens when she tries to mount him in the bed, legs unable to really reach around his body, dick that probably splits her in half…pain and struggle worth the child support she will rake in when she tricks him to cum inside her “Of course I’m on the pill….”….. We’ve all heard that before….well I haven’t….cuz no girl in her right mind, or even in a state of crazy would let me knock her up and I’m ok with that as long as they let me try….

Groupies will fuck anything….”sure Questlove is a monster, but he’s way better than Tommy from psych class, that guys not on TV”….and sluts are sluts….always opportunists.

Sometimes it is the little things that bring me joy, other times it is the very big things doing very insignificant things….like right now….good times.

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