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Quinta Witzel Titties for S Magazine of the Day

I don’t really dig this model one bit. She looks like a man, and not in a Brazilian, tall and broad hard faced and probably a man kind of way. You know sometimes Trannies can be substantially more feminine that actually women, because they try harder…this one, Quinta Witzel,

But I do like the shoot, because it has Disney toys integrated, something you’ve probably used in your bag of tricks when luring girlfriends into your van at the school yard…you fucking weirdo…

Or maybe you’re just into Disney because it is the happiest place on earth and more importantly, the only girls who will ever fuck you are the kind of fat, cat owning girl obsessed with all things Disney and donuts, because that’s what white trash fat chicks in their early 40s who have never been married are into…I know this because I spent 2 months in Florida.

Either way, Quinta Witzel, is pushing 6 foot, still a model, and showing her tits in S Moda, which in and of itself makes her hard, not so feminine features totally acceptable…because so many girly girls aren’t showing me their tits right now…meaning Quinta Witzel just won motherfuckers.

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