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Rachel Ballinger Hot and Naked in Simon Burstall’s Perfect Guide Editorial of the Day

Rachel Ballinger is some aspiring model who has been in the game since 2009 from what I saw and has not really broke through or accomplished shit..she’s just an amateur model who may have a modeling contract along with hundreds of thousands of other girls with modeling contracts who acheive nothing….so she’s decided to take her destiny in her own hands cuz working as a bartender or whatever the fuck she does to pay her rent while this modeling thing starts to roll out….and that involved showing off her hot litte body and amazing ass in some dude’s photoshoot that I love….She’s going places…but lets hope there are a few roadblocks and struggles in the way…cuz that will mean more nudity for exposure…cuz remember hot or not…there are hundreds of thousands of girls fighting for the same gigs…and that brings me hope that this isn’t the last we see of her tits…

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