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Rachel Bilson is Dressed Like a Boy of the Day

Rachel Bilson, like every celebrity, both big and irrelevant, has her own clothing line and here she is doing some autograph’s dressed like Samantha Ronson. Girls aren’t supposed to dress like boys, but it seems like boys are supposed to dress like girls because yesterday alone, I saw about 8 trannies in different parts of the city and the city really isn’t all that big and doesn’t warrant that amount of cross dressing weirdos.

I remember a time when cross dressing was saved for the privacy of your own home. You know as a teenage boy putting on a pair of your mom’s pantyhose and finding it so sexy you have no choice but to jerk off quick before your family gets home from the movies. It was something that you were supposed to bottle up and be afraid of and be ashamed of, something that you’d go to therapy for after marrying, having kids and never really understanding why every time the wife is out you have an urge to slip on one of her high heeled shoes and put on one of her bras. It was never something you were supposed to embrace or take public and it’s kinda fucking up society so you should stop. I am talking to you Rachel Bilson.

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